Dew Of The Gods Weekend Glow Challenge


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These two rich, luxurious and purposeful lace-spun sheet masks designed to restore your skin’s bounce, moisture barrier, and youthful glow from the week you just lived, while simultaneously preparing your skin for the next seven days ahead.

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SATURDAY’S MASK: Squalane & Citrus Extract – Your challenge begins here. Saturday is a day for rebirth, both for the soul, and the skin. Today is your day to energize and rehydrate with the powerful effects of squalane and citrus extract. Dripping in serum elixir, this luxurious lace-spun sheet mask is designed to deliver a slow-release of vitamins and essential nutrients to boost your skin’s glow, bounce and elasticity.

SUNDAY’S MASK: Deep Retinol & Orchid Extract – It’s Day 2 of the challenge, and you made it here! Small wins for the skin are always a vibe, so take a minute to celebrate your commitment to you. Sunday is a day to prepare & repair. Monday’s coming, and we’re getting ready for the week ahead. Lay back and allow our deep retinol to penetrate the skin, improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and cancel out the stress of the week that just passed.


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